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"Linkage and Structure"

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One of the many advantages to the C20 molecule is the ease of linking several together, face to face, in a geometric pattern.  This can be accomplished both in a circular pattern and in linear directions.

Frame for a Living Structure

As the frame for a living structure, the frame becomes remarkable rigid with all forces being redistributed in three directions at every joint.  Here there are 7 C20 molecules joined together (C20X7).  The red (and orange) sticks are not part of the molecule but are in place to show the structural support for the lower floor of “The Bubble House”.  In terms of construction, this framework consists of 85 joints, and 145 12’ triangular beams.


The entire structure can be reproduced in “kit form” consisting of:

A. The skeleton unit

B. The external skin units

C. The internal structural units

D. The internal décor (optional)

E. The "Off the Grid" Kit (optional)

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